Introducing SecureWall

Our SecureWall firewall platform has been developed to ensure the highest standard of redundancy, performance, and flexibility.

Using a customized distribution of BSD we are able to tailor our appliances to our client’s needs.

What makes it unique?


Allows a wide range of devices including the SecureWall network appliances to connect to a central location without the need of a static Public IP address

OpenVPN utilizes the highest standard of encryption including AES256 and certificates

OpenVPN is able to establish a VPN connection from within an existing environment through a third party firewall without any special translations or firewall rules

Supports Active Directory integration as well as RSA tokens

3G, 4G, and LTE support

Can act as a standby or primary Internet connection, allowing for unmatched flexibility.

CARP Redundancy Allows for
Hardware Failover

State tables are allowed to replicate between the two devices ensuring that any active sessions are not dropped in the event of a failure of one of the members

Provides Load Balancing (Inbound & Outbound)

Failover for IPSec VPN tunnels and OpenVPN

About Hurricane

Hurricane Computer Solutions is a comprehensive Information Technologies service provider that is committed to providing innovative, flexible, business-focused IT services. We are always available to our clients and are dedicated to efficient and consistent service. 

HCSI is Alberta-based, and headquartered in Airdrie with availability across Western Canada.

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