Virtualization & Clustering

At HCSI we believe that the virtualization of server infrastructure is crucial to the success of any IT infrastructure. Leveraging VMWare vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and clustering, we are able to significantly reduce hardware and software requirements for all our clients.


Benefits of virtualization and clustering:

Reduced hardware and software costs

Redundancy and high availability

Better disaster recovery

Faster migration and deployment


Resources can be allocated and re-allocated as needed.

Virtual servers are hardware independent and can be redeployed on new hardware quickly and easily

Improved remote management 

Reduced environmental impact


About Hurricane

Hurricane Computer Solutions is a comprehensive Information Technologies service provider that is committed to providing innovative, flexible, business-focused IT services. We are always available to our clients and are dedicated to efficient and consistent service. 

HCSI is Alberta-based, and headquartered in Airdrie with availability across Western Canada.

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